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Who I am

As you probably already read, my name is Marc, and I live in Kempten (Allgäu).

I'm a computer scientist, specialized in everything that happens on the internet — websites, APIs, SAAS, Apps, Enterprise Applications, and much more.

I am working as a web performance consultant, a web developer, a frontend architect, and as a trainer for developers.

Web Performance Consulting

I am a Web Performance Consultant with a passion for fast sites. I offer web performance audits or analyzes for your companies and workshops for developers or development teams.

Web Performance is still one of the most underrated topics in web development. Even though it can help us, our companies and customers with their online business, make our website more accessible for people with a slow network and has a significant impact on a sustainable internet.

For what can you hire me?

Customer testimonials

  • Since I've been working with Marc Radziwill, my website has been at the forefront of SEO. I wouldn't have thought it possible what page speed, a clean web architecture and continuous page maintenance makes a difference. Thanks to the competent support as web developer, technical consultant and the continuous care/maintenance of the site, I can fully concentrate on content and concentrate the numerous requests :) If there is a problem with the site, I often get it only afterwards, because Marc already took care of it and solved the problem. Many thanks for the competent and reliable cooperation and the uncomplicated, direct line.

    Simon Schnetzer, Youth researcher | Speaker | Trainer
  • Marc and our company PAN.STREAM have been working together for several years in different projects. He realizes our individual projects to our complete satisfaction and advises us in IT matters. Marc communicates openly and goal-oriented - especially due to his experience as a web consultant, projects can be brought to their goal efficiently and quickly.

    We are very satisfied with our enterprise solutions and the recommended technologies. Furthermore we benefit from his expertise as a web performance consultant in our projects.

    Christian Walitzek, CEO & Board
  • Marc has been supporting us professionally and up-to-date in the field of web development for three years. With his friendly and understandable advice, he makes development an easy and exciting topic within our projects.

    It is perfect for us to have an industry expert, especially on the subject of web performance, as a close partner and to be able to implement projects quickly and easily. We can recommend Marc at any time and will rely on his support for further project

    Thomas Herzhoff, Executive Director
  • We have used Marc and his consulting services for the further development of our website. We benefit from his expertise as a web performance consultant also benefits from his many years of experience as a web developer.

    The performance analysis of our site that Marc did for us helped us to understand how we can quickly identify and efficiently resolve performance problems on our website. We look forward to future cooperation and would be happy to recommend Marc.

    Sebastian Steinack, Senior Business Analyst

Web Development

I am a frontend architect with more than a decade of experience. You can hire me for any web development related projects.

I’m working with VanillaJS, ReactJs and Angular as well as with testing frameworks, real-time libs, frontend build tools, web servers, serverless programming, RUST and much more.

If you are missing any mention here, reach out to me or check my FAQ section.

For what can you hire me?

Technical consulting

Due to my many years of experience on different projects in many roles, I am regularly confronted with the challenges of large software- and design systems.

In my consulting are the following benchmarks essential: scalability, reliability, implementation of best practices, ensuring technical viability and performance.


Your company is facing a major migration and you need help? Are you looking for a training opportunity for your development team?

I offer remote and on-site workshops for developers and development teams on web performance, Web accessibility and JavaScript.

More information

How can you contact me?

You can drop me a line, and I come back to you as soon as possible.

How high is my hourly rate / daily rate?

We negotiate my hourly or daily rate based on the services for which you book me. Please ask me directly, and we will talk about your project and the price without obligation.