Marc Radziwill at his Macbook Pro in Kempten in the Gruendervilla

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I support my clients in the following areas:

I like to help people to become better developers. Sometimes by teaching them frameworks, JavaScript, Accessibility or some other topics, I cover with my courses. But I think there are much more possibilities to be a developer advocate.

This could be a nice and appropriate review response to the “unlucky” code of some junior or just to bring the atmosphere of continuous learning to a dev team.

The internet is fast and sometimes to fast. Nobody can manage this if he is not specialized. I give my clients technical consulting that fits their company and their processes. This can be the technical workflow or as within the development process. There are several ways to speed up your team. Probably they could already be fast if they weren’t blocked by the processes.

Marc Radziwill in downtown Kempten in front of the Sparkasse

My tools for technically perfect web projects

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Developer Skills

A wide variety of technical skills are an absolute must for successful web projects. My developer skills have been built and consolidated through more than 10 years of work on IT projects of varying sizes.

I was able to complete a wide range of projects with various solutions for my clients. I offer my clients several web development services.

Freelance services

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Tailored commitment within the projects and the team

According to the customer's requirements and the need for the project, my role can be flexible. I can be part of a Scrum development team, or I work in certain phases of the project.

Tinkering with fine details to get the desired result in the test - that drives me and inspires me to this day at my job.
Marc Radziwill, software developer | consultant | developer advocate
Marc Radziwill with his hands on the keyboard of his Macbook Pro

Project constellations

As a developer of a scrum team in start-ups or agencies, I have gained much experience. In teamwork, but also in the processes and cross-cutting issues in addition to development and consulting.

Furthermore, I am involved in various projects as a member of an integration team, as a frontend lead or frontend architect, and thus have the responsibility for the architecture and the technical design of the product.

Knowledge: technologies and innovations

New technologies create much potential for my customers and as well for you. Therefore, I let my knowledge flow into both consulting and development. The aim is to implement a solution with modern standards and to incorporate new technologies and topics of the future (artificial intelligence, blockchain), if desired and meaningful, into the product.

Real-world experience

I have used many programming languages during my career as a self-employed web developer so that I offer many website development services for my clients. Reporting to project managers, delivering an MVP for a start-up, help you to choose the perfect content management system and much more.

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