Resumé of marc radziwill.

My name is Marc Radziwill. I'm born in 1986 in Rüsselsheim. After I studied media informatics, I worked for several companies and startups in the Rhein-Main area until I moved to the beautiful Allgäu in 2018.

About me, Page Marc Radziwill walks over the Residenzplatz in Kempten

Freelancer since 2012

As a web developer, I'm working self-employed since 2012 and help my customers to realize great software in the areas of technical consulting, app development, and individual software development.

Furthermore I work as a developer advocate and help developers to level up their skills.

In the Allgäu I'm working in Gründervilla co-working space.

Still not satisfied?

As much passion as I have for my job, so it is vital to have a balance!

Of course, the Allgäu offers some possibilities. In the summer, you usually see me rocking around on some mountain. After 1000 meters of altitude, any trouble about my not working code is away.

In Kempten, you usually meet me somewhere in town. In winter, since last year, skiing is a new adventure, So if you like to watch as I slide down the Allgäu mountains inelegant and way too fast, you should keep your eyes open. ;)

I am enthusiastic about almost everything in Sports, but my heart beats for football. My favourite club is Bayern Munich ... NOT! Nothing beats the SG Eintracht Frankfurt! ;)

About me Page of Marc Radziwill in front of the Commerzbank in Kempten with a hat