Hello my name is Marc

Page from Marc Radziwill in front of a wall in Kempten

Hi everyone, my name is Marc.
I live in Kempten (Allgäu) and work as a Web performance & Web Sustainability Consultant.
I have worked independently since 2012 and have helped more than 50 agencies, SMEs, and large companies optimize their websites.
In my work, I make my clients' digital products faster and more sustainable, which improves business results and carbon footprint.

"My focus: web performance and ecological digitization in companies."


I make sure that your website is fast, sustainable and professional. I offer optimizations for web performance, solutions for web sustainability and professional web development. Let's work together to ensure that your web presence is successful and at the same time protects our environment.

Web Performance

Web performance is essential for any online business. It has a high impact on the revenue, helps retain users on the site, saves server costs, and is a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.

How fast is fast enough? That is important to know. How much do 100 Milliseconds impact your conversions or revenue? How do we monitor your site and prevent regression? Let's work out together your impactful metrics, the best monitoring, and accountability for issues. We create a performance culture in your company.

Web Sustainability

How ecologically sustainable is a site? Why is this important, and how can a page be programmed sustainably in a cost-effective manner. Digital technologies are currently responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and our websites are getting bigger and bigger.

A sustainable site saves server costs and contributes to environmental protection. A switch to a more environmentally-friendly site is also possible without any restrictions. We have a social responsibility to keep our digital footprint as low as possible. In addition, sustainable websites are also more efficient and thus stimulate online business.

Web Development

I am a Frontend Architect with more than a decade of experience. You can hire me for any web development project. I'm working with VanillaJS, ReactJs, Angular, testing frameworks, real-time libs, frontend build tools, web servers, serverless programming, Rust, and much more.