Hello my name is Marc

Page from Marc Radziwill in front of a wall in Kempten

Hi everyone, my name is Marc.
I live in Kempten (Allgäu) and work as a Web Performance & Web Sustainability Consultant.
I have worked independently since 2012 and have helped more than 50 agencies, SMEs, and large companies optimize their websites.
In my work, I make my clients' digital products faster and more sustainable, which improves business results and carbon footprint.

"My focus: web performance and ecological digitization in companies."


With my in-depth experience in web performance, I'm ready to elevate your website's speed and accessibility to new heights. Collaborating with me means your web platform will benefit from top-tier web performance and universal access, all achieved within the framework of environmentally conscious practices.

Let's join forces to deliver a seamless, accessible, and sustainably-minded web experience.

Web Performance

Web performance is a significant aspect of all industries. It extends beyond mere technicality; it encompasses more than meets the eye; it's a business imperative directly correlated to financial success.

A fast and responsive website is crucial for recovering lost sales, improving conversion rates, reducing expenses, retaining users, enhancing SEO ranking, and contributing to eco-friendly digital practices. Together, we can shape a tailored, data-driven web performance strategy, fostering a culture of speed that aligns with your company's goals, bolsters your bottom line, and uncovers and addresses potential oversights.

Web Development

I am a highly skilled Frontend Architect with over a decade of experience. I have extensive knowledge in JavaScript, Web Components, PWA, React, Angular, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, 11ty, Git, Responsive Design, Mobile First approach, ES6+, testing frameworks, real-time libraries, frontend build tools, web servers, and serverless programming. Moreover, I possess knowledge of PHP, Rust, and various other technologies that contribute to an extensive skill set in web development.

My expertise is crafting maintainable and scalable front-end architectures, providing consultative support, and guiding agile teams with technical strategies that fit the overarching goals. I am committed to technology and process optimization, and I maintain strict quality through regular code reviews.

Web Sustainability

How ecologically sustainable is a site? Why is this important, and how can a page be programmed sustainably in a cost-effective manner. Digital technologies are currently responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and our websites are getting bigger and bigger.

A sustainable site saves server costs and contributes to environmental protection. A switch to a more environmentally-friendly site is also possible without any restrictions. We have a social responsibility to keep our digital footprint as low as possible. In addition, sustainable websites are also more efficient and thus stimulate online business.

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