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Are you looking for a web performance expert?

How can I help you?

I can help you with my expert knowledge of web performance. I support my customers in achieving tangible performance improvements that have made a noticeable impact on their operating profit. I offer through my platform devcademy performance reviews or web performance workshops based on them.

Amazon sees a 1% decrease in revenue for every 100ms increase in load time (source: WPO stats).

Let's not be the one with the slow website and hire me for a performance review or a web performance workshop.

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January 15, 2020

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Services of Marc Radziwill

You are looking for knowhow for your project, or you need a web developer very soon because the capacity is not right on your project. I want to help you with my knowhow and many years of experience as a developer, a consultant and developer advocate. Whether you need a web developer, architect, or technical consultant, I'll support you and your team to meet your needs. Check out my workshops and JavaScript online courses if you are here for learning JavaScript and latest web technologies.


Onsite or remote workshops for you and your dev team. Performance. JS Workshop. Modern frameworks.