Web development

Skills & Interest

Besides JavaScript, I like to work with modern technologies and frameworks to make the web faster and more accessible to the users. I let my knowledge about performance and accessibility flew into my daily coding work. I think to have a fast and accessible site should be a higher aim for all companies selling products online. As a developer, I can do a lot to make a real-world website accessible for every person. Regardless of whether they have s slow internet connection or if they are color-blind.

VanillaJS, ReactJs and Angular

I'm working with VanillaJS, ReactJs and Angular as well as with testing frameworks, real-time libs, front-end build tools, web servers, serverless programming and much more. If you are missing any mention here, just reach out to me.

At the moment I love working with static site generators, in particular, Eleventy, GatsbyJs and with it I work with GraphQL. It is so good for our frontend development, but if you have another API that’s fine for me.

JavaScript backend developer

I am working as a backend developer as well for many projects. So you can hire me also if you do not just look for someone who writes you fancy HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I can develop your next NodeJs API, Firebase OAuth endpoint and much more.

Do you need a developer?

I can help you and your agency, hook up on your team for your MVP or help you improve the development experience for your dev team by enhancing your workflow.

Web development

Individual software development can facilitate the work of a whole company. The marketing software has to be revised, or a process has to be digitized entirely. There are no limits to the development of web applications.

Freelance support or own project

Web-based software development is a wide range. You already have a development team or want to build one? Are you fed up with your standard software? Write to me, and we make an appointment without an obligation.

Project roles

As a developer, it's essential to stay on the ball with the latest technologies in mind. Once the client sets the goals for the project, the best technology can be selected to implement the software project. For this, I use known and standard frameworks. Depending on the requirements, backend and frontend technology is selected.

In the frontend, the developer can choose between several frameworks. Depending on the requirements, we select the best to fit your needs. As a frontend developer, I have over 10 years of experience with Javascript (Vanilla), React, Angular, and jQuery, depending on the technology.

These frameworks offer a significant advantage in modern web development and are necessary for the elaboration of the technology selection.

Frontend architect

As a Frontend Architect, I would like to help you with the improvement of the development architecture, further development of toolsets and workflows as well as the optimization of your processes. I like to support you in the conception and implementation of your solutions.

Quality of the frontend code

I like to be part of the team as a developer, and I pay close attention to the quality of the frontend code. The goal is to steadily improve quality while creating a more efficient and sustainable workflow. The work in the development team must not be hindered at any time.

Web developer

To take the lead

Software development is a big field. As a web developer, I am specialized in implementing web-based applications. The focus is always on the customer's goals as well as the development goals and priorities.

I can help you develop your client-side or server-side web app. With JavaScript as the programming language I love to be an important part of your team. I get your task done with high quality, fast and testable.