Technical consulting with many years of developer experience

Due to my many years of experience on different projects in different roles, I am regularly confronted with the challenges of large software and design systems. In my consulting the following benchmarks are essential: scalability, reliability, implementation of best practices, ensuring technical viability and performance.

Experience is good; knowledge is a must

Do you have a complex scenario where you need technical help? Or do you want to bring your company one step ahead of your competitors? Just reach out to me and we make an appointment without an obligation.

Digital Business

A solution that fits your company

Do you need good advice on which technologies you can use to speed up your processes? Do you have some real-world problems that need a solution that fits your company or your business model? Reach out to me and we find a way of moving you to a digital future.

Technical decisions

Do you need some advice for your team which framework would be the best to use in your situation? Put the business logic client-side or server-side? Do you need a place where you can improve your web and front end developers’ knowledge?

Team productivity

Daily work can be a productivity killer when it costs too much time. Let’s analyze your workflow and find tasks that can be automated. Let your team focus on the work they are paid for.

Time tracking, meeting overhead or too many rules during the development can be costly. Reach out to me and we create your solution together. Whether it is for architectural decisions or how to learn web development.