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You don’t have the money to buy a whole app development team, a mobile app development company or to learn how to build an app? Reach out to me and we check out how you can help all the mobile users that are waiting for your app.

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Own your smartphone app

The smartphone is indispensable in our time. It already replaces the conventional laptop or computer in many areas today. Countless application examples show the immense value your app can have for your company or your product.

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A native app can be expensive if you want to serve multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). With a hybrid approach, the development runs parallel for all operating systems. After the development process, you have an ios app and an android app that you can deploy to the app store and the google play store.

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Hybrid app for your smartphone

I offer my clients a hybrid mobile app development on one codebase that can serve multiple platforms. My many years of experience as a frontend architect and the Ionic platform help me with this. Your app will be in the google play store and the apple app store for your customers to download and install.

Hybrid app - quality and cost-effective

A hybrid app is developed by me, depending on the requirements in React or Angular. A backend-side API service can provide the content for your app. With this service, we can link any content management system of your choice, so you always have full control over the data. The user interface UI is still completely independent.

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A desktop app for my company

Desktop apps can be developed following the same principle as the hybrid smartphone app. The advantage of this is also the cross-platform approach.

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One codebase is used to create applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. The user downloads the app and finds the familiar icon on the desktop again.

Freelance support or own project

My experience with the hybrid app development framework allows me to professionally advise and assist my clients in developing a hybrid desktop app. Substantial costs can be saved compared to the native app development, without having to compromise on functionality or quality.

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Future-oriented development

The development of new technologies in the IT industry is fast. The history of hybrid apps alone shows how fast-paced the industry is. A few months ago, hybrid apps were not even possible. Your company had to launch a project for each operating system and had twice the costs.

Simplify work processes

Apps are now industry-independent use in our lives and our work. Whether in the Internet of Things, with smartwatches or in the home, hybrid apps make life a lot easier. The use of hybrid development and the further development of the technologies behind it with state-of-the-art standards clarifies the future-oriented approach.

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