Technical Writing for DebugBear

  • CustomerDebugBear
  • StartSep 1, 2020
  • Duration4 months
  • RoleWeb Performance Consultant
  • ServicesWeb Performance
  • TechnologiesWeb Performance, Technical Writing
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The project at DebugBear aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of web performance to a wide range of readers. Through creating blog posts on technically challenging topics such as web performance teams, JavaScript memory leaks, and frontend JavaScript performance, I contributed to showcasing DebugBear’s expertise in website monitoring solutions. The content was carefully tailored to present technical challenges and solutions in a way that both experienced readers and a general audience could understand. This approach allowed DebugBear to establish itself as a trusted source of knowledge in web performance.

The first article, “Front-end JavaScript Performance,” explores strategies for improving the speed of JavaScript on the front end. It covers various topics, including optimizing code execution, reducing the size of JavaScript bundles, deferring and asynchronously loading scripts, and leveraging browser caches for enhanced performance.

In the second article, “Debugging JavaScript Memory Leaks,” I explain how memory leaks can negatively impact website performance and even lead to crashes, especially on mobile devices. The article offers a detailed guide on using Chrome’s performance profiler to visualize memory usage over time and effectively debug memory issues. Additionally, it provides insights into everyday problems that cause memory leaks, such as detached DOM nodes, uncleared timers, and issues related to in-memory caching.

The last article, “Creating A Web Performance Team,” emphasizes the importance of a dedicated web performance team within an organization, backed by management support and linked to business outcomes. The article suggests starting with a small, passionate team, scaling up with performance ambassadors, and developing a detailed plan integrating tools, education, and clear accountability. It stresses the need to align metrics with business goals, instill a company-wide culture of performance responsibility, and use performance tools effectively. Celebrating successes, communicating benefits internally, and consistently optimizing are recommended to maintain performance and prevent regress.


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