I’m happy to announce that I join the “Allgäu Digital Community” and talk at the next Digital Brunch 03. As web performance is a growing topic of digitalization. I’ll talk about the impact of web performance on business metrics like revenue.

Many large companies have realized that web performance influences their revenue. Working on it has become a permanent corporate culture there. This year, page experience will become a criterion for ranking positions in Google searches. This fact further increases the importance of good web performance for business success.

But what exactly is web performance, and how do you measure the speed of a page? What are the options for speeding up pages? How does web performance relate to business values ​​such as conversions and bounce rate?

I will cover six pillars of web performance that are closely related to business metrics.

  1. Measuring
  2. Performance & Business Value
  3. Long-Tail of Web Performance
  4. Third-Party Management
  5. Competitor benchmark
  6. Monitoring

Allgäu Digital

Allgäu Digital is the digital startup center in Kempten. It is a regional cooperation network for startups and established companies with a focus on digitization. Allgäu Digital helps startups in their development, and supports with communication, network opportunities, a Bavaria-wide coaching program, and a regional pool of experts.

In addition, Allgäu Digital initiates events on digitization, business startups, and entrepreneurship. Besides, Allgäu Digital, together with selected partners, initiates targeted workshops and talks to support the companies in the region in the challenge of digital transformation and further advance the region’s innovative strength.

Digital Brunch 03

At the digital brunch, Allgäu Digital gives an insight into three current digital projects from the Allgäu. Three members of the Allgäu Digital Community present what they are currently working on and what role digitization plays in their work.

Text and slides will be in german, and if you are curious, sign up for the free event.

And what does that have to do with brunch? Brunch together and be inspired by digital impulses - that is the motto of the digital brunch. So grab a coffee (or drink and snack of your choice 😉) and join the digital brunch.

Online event

The event takes place virtually via zoom. The participants will receive a link to the video chat before the event. A computer/smartphone, a headset, and an internet connection are required to participate.

Sign up for the free event.

Registration and participation

The event is free of charge for the participants. Please register via Eventbrite.

Before the event, the participants will then receive a link to the online event.

Organizer and partner

Digital Brunch 03 is organized by Allgäu Digital - Digitales Zentrum Schwaben.

The event will take place as part of Germany-wide Digital Day 2021. Under the motto “Shaping digitization together”, various aspects of digitization will be highlighted and discussed on June 18


I’m looking forward to seeing you online for my and the two other talks. It will be worth it.

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Cheers Marc

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