Java­Script train­ing: an online work­shop for your team

JavaScript online workshop

Your company is facing a major migration and you need help? Are you looking for a **training opportunity** for your development team? I offer **individual online workshops on modern frontend engineering topics**. Your team and I can participate from their usual workplace. Your team needs support in another topic, or with a specific idea? Just contact me and we will find a solution for your team together.

Learn JavaScript / Frameworks

Learn JavaScript / Frameworks and become a JavaScript developer. JavaScript is the best choice of programming languages if you want to be a web developer. My workshops cover JavaScript frameworks or libraries, performance, and web accessibility.

For each workshop, a clear schedule is provided before the workshops begin. We work on a real-world web application and create it, analyze or optimize it depending on your workshop topic.

Goals and Challenges

In each workshop, we pass some coding challenges. I recommend that everybody complete all the tasks on their own laptop in order to strengthen the learned. We code in a distraction-free environment so all attendees only need a solid internet connection.

  • Workshop goals (see workshop overview)
  • A list of measures worked out together
  • Realizable results for your own project
  • Guidelines and tips for improving your code quality

On-site training

Do you prefer me as your expert on-site? Get your Developer Advocate and Trainer into your house. In an online appointment in advance, we discuss your intention and goals without obligation to tailor the workshop tailored to your team. In the process, we can also combine several workshop topics in the course of time or work out a common topic with your team.

Migration assistance an architecture review

Do you have to update your legacy code? Often the reason that causes a problem is not the update or the specific technical requirement. It is a solid workflow adapted to your business. Let’s level up your team in my workshops so they are able to deliver fast and accessible web pages that come with a great user experience.

Your developers must be able to work and not be blocked by external processes. Let’s make an appointment and let me figure out how a training workshop can help your team. With an architecture and process review, I analyze your bottlenecks and define actions together with your team in a workshop so that your developers can do what they are best at writing high quality and scalable code.

Performance and accessibility

“Remember that time is money.”. Benjamin Franklin was right when he wrote down that sentence.

Research shows that your customers will leave the page if they do not get to their destination quickly. With the help of an architecture review we dive into your project and work on all the points in a workshop with your team.

Many websites are not optimized for speed and accessibility. Often it is just an missing alternative text for an image that people with special needs can not use your site.

Within a workshop, we can develop performance and accessibility standards that help you and your users.

JavaScript Workshops

Web Performance

In this course, you learn everything to analyze and fix common performance problems with modern JavaScript applications.

Level: starters & intermediate
using Developer Tools like a Pro
profile and analyze your JavaScript code
set up a performance budget
learn how the browser parses and compile your JavaScript

Your own JavaScript workshop topic

Have you not found a topic that suits your needs? Let's talk about it and we will create a workshop tailored to your team.

Level: All
Project-related topic
Your goals
Your processes
Your perceived value

Getting started with Javascript

JavaScript is a great and flexible type of all programming languages. Learn JavaScript in my course with real-world challenges. After learning the fundamentals, we start coding together. We do this by using real-world examples so that you can apply your learning immediately onto your projects. We will not use any JavaScript Libraries just plain JavaScript code (VanillaJs). To work with the browser you going to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Level: starter
expressions and statement
loops. scope and closures
data types and conditionals
be equipped to build JavaScript applications

Web Accessibility

Accessibility on the web is one of the most underrated topics. For me, it's as same principle as the performance of a website. If your site is slow, you going to lose customers. If your site is not accessible, it is the same. In the end, you lose money if your site is not accessible or slow. Web Accessibility is easy to apply if you do it from the beginning.

Level: starters & intermediate
audit and debug Accessibility
focus management, routing, and skip links
Screen Readers optimized code
understand ARIA APIs, Keyboard shortcuts

Angular for enterprise applications

We dive right into the concepts of Angular. You learn how to use the Angular CLI (a powerfull command line for creating stuff in Angular), build components, services, routes, forms, and we use ajax to get data into our application. We build our application with Nx and Angular Material.

Level: starters & intermediate
build Angular enterprise application
use Nx
components, services, routes
test & deploy

ReactJs Fundamentals

Learn how to use React by building a real-world application. We cover the basic patterns, including the latest features in React like hooks, effects, context, and much more. For our application, we are going to code components in JSX, handling events, creating forms, and putting all together with some tools the React ecosystem provides for us.

Level: starters & intermediate
core concepts of ReactJs
use JSX
event, forms

What to do after a workshop?

In each workshop we will develop some pre-setted goals that help your team and your company to work better and to improve your products or services. We will define guidelines that fit your processes.

These guidelines need to be standardized in processes to have a perceived value. I can help you to implement these guidelines in your daily work. This will make your team faster, your code quality higher and your user’s experience better.

Just reach out to me and we talk about how your company can benefit.