What is devcademy?

devcademy is a remote teaching workshop platform. I offer remote workshops for developers and development teams about web performance, web accessibility and JavaScript.

What is the web performance checklist?

Three things you get:

My web performance checklist is a free tool to check the performance state of your website. Lighthouse V6 is the basis of the performance checklist, and I’ve customized the report to give you additional advice to speed up your site.

  • Individual performance checklist
  • Free web performance material
  • Personal feedback from Marc

After you submit the form on devcademy, I create the checklist, and after some time you can log in to your free devcademy account and access the first results. Until now, you could use lighthouse to measure your site. Lighthouse is an excellent tool to get a lab overview of the performance state of your website. But, here you get …

Why Should Anyone Care About Web Performance?

If you find yourself caring about values like Bounce rate, Revenue, Time on site, page views, user satisfaction, online business success, you should care about web performance!

1. Google Ranking

Google ranks your site higher if it is fast.

2. Brand perception

If your website is slow, people dislike it, and your brand takes damages.

a high performing site can be a ticket to online success

3. Conversion rate

Improving your page speed is one of the most significant ways of increasing your conversion rate.

4. Page Views and Bounce Rate

If your users like your page, the content and the speed they stay longer and view more pages.

5. Customer Satisfaction and Retention

A fast website will make your users return to your site.

6. Web performance and Accessibility

A fast site is accessible to more people! Your website becomes inclusive for all humans! And btw. More people means more page view, more conversions and more money.

7. Web performance and Sustainability

A fast website is more sustainable; it produces less CO2 and helps our planet to be cleaner.

Lighthouse PLUS individual feedback -> Your added value

The lighthouse report provides us with much information about our site. It is the basis for your checklist. I go through every lighthouse audit and add my web performance analyzes, based on my longstanding web performance experience. To get the best results, I let my audit service run your site at least three times before I collect the results and create your checklist. Your list is individually and tailored to your website.

Why should you care about speed?

There are many reasons why you should care about speed. A general rule in online business says that if you want to be ahead of your competitor, you should be at least 20% faster than them. Additionally, Google has made speed as a ranking factor for mobile users.

And there is more. Fast Websites and Applications are:

  • accessible to all users even with low network connection or a small mobile contract
  • sustainable and help to reduce the carbon emission
  • Revenue increase

Get in now. It is limited.

⚠️ The web performance checklist is limited until the end of July 2020!

What can you do with your checklist?

The checklist is the basis for our meeting! If you apply for your checklist, you can schedule a free session with me, and I give you detailed information about the actions your checklist provides. We go through the list step by step so you can make improvements afterwards. As I’m passionate about fast websites, I’m looking forward to speeding up your site.

Why do you need a devcademy account?

devcademy is my workshop and learning platform. I offer remote workshops for developers and development teams about web performance, web accessibility and JavaScript. The platform allows me to provide free materials for you and connect your web performance checklist to a reliable audit service.

What’s next?

Do you have some further questions on devcademy or the web performance checklist? Just reach out to me!

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Cheers Marc

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