Social distancing has an enormous effect on our lives currently. But after 4 weeks I know that the lockdown is making us better humans.

I want to have an application that can connect people — shopping for those in need, job arranging, gardening. We have to do that now.


In the article, I want to tell you about my recent project order and why I think it’s important to think outside the box in bad times.

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  1. Why we need to think outside the box!
  2. What is
  3. Why you should offer help?
  4. What is the tech stack?
  5. Will there be further development?
  6. What’s next?

Why we need to think outside the box!

In my last blog post, I wrote about our open source project “Tante Hilde” (aunt Hilde) to help our local stores. This time I want to write
about a new project called Days before the lockdown a got a call from Raphael of Pfefferminzmich GmbH from Kempten in Germany. He had an excellent idea to help us all in the times of the lockdown. These days we need to think outside the box. Raphael did this with an honourable aim. He invented

What is

In current times we discover many problems. Social distancing ensures that people are alone, people from high-risk groups may need some help in their daily schedule, and your neighbour loses his job or is desperately looking for some new clients. If we humans can not interact, our life stands still. Togethere is trying to fit that gap. is a platform to connect people. In times where you can not meet people or ask for help, it is essential to stay connected. Togethere is doing this by giving us a service where you can search and offer help in your city and region. The web app allows you to choose between two main categories: ** neighbourhood** and business. After we chose the main category, we can specify our offer or search in subcategories. All of this is location-based to connect us to the people from our area.

Why you should offer help?

In bad times, a society shows its true face. Now it is up to us to prove that we can do it together. And it is not a big deal to buy some extra food for our neighbours, bring out the garbage or to do similar tasks.

What is the tech stack?

GatsbyJs builds the frontend of Togethere in combination with Wordpress as the blog source. Any other content is generated statically with Gatsby and maintained through the codebase. We use firebase to implement user authentication and to persist our project data.

Will there be further development?

Yes, Raphael and his team want to expand the application with much more features. But they need help and money to do so. If you like to support them by donating or helping to develop the application further, don’t hesitate to contact me or pfefferminzmich GmbH.

4. What’s next?

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Cheers Marc

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